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Leona's bio Empty Leona's bio

Post by Leona on Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:56 pm



White tiger (mix between Bengal and Siberian tiger)

3 years

Duke of hunting or warlord

Leona is a very competed feline. Her massive paws gives her an advantage that other felines she knows dont have. Leona is not alone in her journey of life she is well accompanied by her two cubs, Lily and Kovu, both of which are still ween and very weak. Leona is very well protective and aggressive when it comes to the saftey of her cubs and will do anything to protect them from any one or any thing. She also often missed her cubs who let on long hunting trips far away from home. She often worries about to the point where she can get herself killed. When she is not off hunting for her family she stays home caring for her little ones playing them and often taking naps in the lake letting the warm waters be absorbed into their body. Whilst her curiosity leads her to adventures it also leads to trouble. Leona can be stubborn at times and she's a bit of a dare devil. She likes taking risks into her own paws and doesn't like other felines with her cubs unless she knows and trust them for both her and her cubs safety. Although her sometimes stubborn and dare devilish actions there is a beauty in her nature. Her body is delicately smooth but is quite large for a tigress feline like herself.

Leona is a competitive, sharp and intelligent tiger. She is powerful but knows how to keep her abilities to herself and only reveals them when needed most. Since her hunting skills aren't as good but aren't as bad either a bit in between the ranking, she scores in hunting about 7/10 times. Since her stubbornness becomes a problem with other felines she tends to get in a quarrel from time to time and pays the price for them fully. Leona has a a scar starting from the top of her eye lid down to her cheek bone on both eyes. She also has a scar across her muzzle and multiple on her back and hind quarters as well.


Leona has three sisters and three brothers. All of course have moved on and started their own lives.

Leona is graceful, aggressive, cunning, brave, curious, and intelligent. This leads her hunting skills and life skills into perfection.

Sometimes Leona's curiosity can lead her to her fate. Her  size can weigh her down and tire her out during hunts giving her prey an escaping chance.

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Post by Tsura on Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:58 pm

I've made you a Baron(ess). They are hunters but, we already have a (Lead Hunter) Duchess of Hunting, Althea.

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