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Post by Tsura on Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:27 pm

The hierarchy is oligarchical, meaning there are two Empress' and two [open] positions for Emperor. These individuals are highly esteemed in the entire Empire.

|[ Noble Class ]|

Archduke || Archduchess
These two are of high nobility, and to be highly respected. They compose of the monarchs' most entrusted ordinance administers, and council.

These felines hold the equivalent position to an Assassin or Scout. Though they rank below the reign of the Archduke’s, they are to be regarded with utmost esteem. Felines of this noble ranking are entrusted with the Empire's confidential surveillance, and are to oversee neighboring territories in hushed vigilance.

|[ Regal Class ]|

Those holding this position are the solemn felines capable of articulating with species of Corvus. (Ravens, Crows.) Felines of this rank may use their proficiency to communicate with their classification in assistance of surveying territory, scavenging carcasses, locating herds of prey, etc.

Duke || Duchess
Considered the teachers of the Empire, Dukes are held in high regards to their students. This rank possesses three main segments. Each is a maven to certain tasks, and guides their recruits to proficiency.

~ Duke of Healing

The Medic; To their students, they must display the grandeur of flora and fauna and the medical potential of their environment. These felines must have keen scenting abilities.

~ Warlord
Military Commander;  To bestow this position, one must be cunning in their exertion, yet stoical in their visage. Stringency and rigorous practices must be present in their ruling over trainees.

~ Duke of Hunting
The Hunter; Persistence and endurance must be present if one wishes to obtain this honorable ranking. This Duke must be highly respected among their students, as their success is vital to the prosperity of the Empire.

|[ Chivalry Class ]|

These are the students to the Duke of Healing. In this rank, one will train under the command of their Duke, and are granted the allowance to wander far into the territories province.

Baron || Baroness
These are the students of the Duke of battle. Under this rank, Barons will be expected to train under the command of their Duke, and display devious tactical prowess.

Count | Countess

These are the students to the Duke of Hunting. Cooperation with their peers is necessary, though all must follow in accordance to their Duke.


Those holding this position serve directly under the command of the Thane, and are to assist as that felines’ surveillance militia, providing the first line of defense against intruders. Their roars are of an impressive resonance, possessing thunderous vocals in case of an attack.


These felines are held accountable for the instruction of the apprentices, and the nurturing of the cubs. Felines of this position are to educate apprentices of knowledge such as: preserving carcasses, constructing shelter, quarrying small prey, and caring for the young.

|[ Valiant Class ]|

These are the females of the Empire. They are to assist when necessary, aiding typically with Margraves and Counts.

Apprentices are the students to the Margrave, acquiring the essential prowess necessary to survive and serve in the Empire.

The youngest of the Empire that are utmost cared for by Margraves.

This bottom position is for those who have disregarded the hierarchy  bestowed by the Monarchs, or have betrayed the Empire. They are felines of scant reverence, often ill-regarded among higher rankings.

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