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Post by Vitani on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:33 pm




2 years




Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni)




Vitani is very independent and tends to stay solitary from her family.  She will leave for periods of time and return as if she hasn't left at all.  Vitani is the polar opposite of her slightly younger sister Tsura, unlike Tsura, Vitani is very dominant and does not tolerate any aggressive or negative behavior from the citizens of their empire.  Every feline within their kingdom will know that she means business and if they show any signs of challenge toward her she will immediately put them in their place even if they hadn't meant it in that way; her roar is definitely frightful and holds even more dominance and seriousness than her attitude.  Vitanis' demeanor stays emotionless and cold but there are the few occasions where she does have a decent temperament is when she is around her sister and cubs, that is when her kinder nature takes place, although she's serious and doesn't find much time to spend with her sister, she is much kinder toward Tsura than anyone else, but even her sister hasn't seen Vitanis' true colors she has always been a solemn feline.  Though, once she finds that one individual that she finds herself caring for, she will start to open up to that individual,  she felt that she must be the stronger and more mature and wise one than her sister who was so kind and caring.


Vitani is quite large (muscle wise) for a female.  Her coat being as white as the purest snow her eyes aqua blue.  Vitanis' stripes make her look much more grave along with her stare.  Although her appearance is quite impeccable, she does have a few scars, several along her snout (as shown in the pictures below) along with a dark scar that runs for about 5 inches along her left side from a previous challenge when a lioness challenged her position, due to interupting a hunt when she was returning from one of her random absences but due to Vitanis size and strength, the lioness (Althea) failed.


Vitani Excels in stamina and speed, she is able to run for long periods of time; She also has advanced in complex thinking and has amazing strength. Due to being a serious feline, she does not let emotion get in the way of anything, even if that had meant losing one of her citizens, she wouldn't become upset she would just simply continue.


Although Vitani is an excellent fighter, she lacks the ability to hunt.  She is not as good as hunting as the others within her domain.  Even though she can definitely take down a kill, it does take a longer period of time to take down the meal, if she hasn't lost it.


No crush

No Mate

No heirs to the throne

secrets are not to be shared.


sibings: Tsura - slightly younger sister

mother: empress A'liyah

father: Emperor Eratos

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