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Kato-No rank yet

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Kato-No rank yet

Post by Kato on Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:34 pm

Gender: Male
Siberian tiger
4 years old
No rank yet.

♜ Psychological Advantages // Disadvantages ♜
Playful, Energetic, Charismatic, Adventurous || Distracted, Wanderer, Independent

♜ Physical Advantages // Disadvantages ♜
Massive, Muscular, Keen vision, Deadly bite, Amazing fighting tactics || Reduced speed

♜ Temperament ♜
The bold tiger is a rather laid-back character, with a plentiful supply of humor. Kato is usually known as an easy fellow to get along with but can mysteriously vanish for a few days.

♜ Appearance ♜
He is a dark burnt sienna, with frosted white tips traveling along his tail, limbs, and facial area. Thick, bold black stripes cover his body from head to toe, and he has black speckles on his fores, heading up to his chest. Kato's eyes are a soft green, that lead to a deep emerald around the pupils. His tail is rather long for his species, and his paws leave massive tracks wherever the male journeys.

♜ Extra ♜
No crush, yet.
No mate

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