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Post by Tsura on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:39 pm

T s u r a

Empress Tsura Tumblr_inline_mmwiwazXyk1qz4rgp

XY Gene: female
Panthera tigris jacksoni
2 years old

Psychological Advantages // Disadvantages
Empathetic, Perceptive, Benevolent, Charismatic || Immature, Impulsive, Temperamental

Physical Advantages // Disadvantages
Acrobatic, Nimble, Markedly potent bite || Reduced strength/mass

The impish Empress is unlike others with her amicably warm and exuberance bringing a charming effulgence to the highly social  tigress’ incessant conation to entertain and engage with everyone around her. Tsura is alacritous, rambunctious and her youth brings a perilous amount of curiosity which evokes the burning  motivation behind the female’s exciting adventures to nowhere. She isn’t necessarily shy, she manages to humiliate herself often during her  boisterous antics and resolves to something more candid and subdued for the time being but, she’s quick in returning to normal. Tsura is knowledgeable of when to cease capering, seldom wishing to be portrayed as obnoxious when circumstances her royal caste is involved in requires solemnity and maturity.

Her ancestors hailing from the primitive forests of Malaysia, Tsura has acquired almost every characteristic of the Malayan tiger except for the dialect which indigenous inhabitants speak. Alike the subspecies, she isn’t tall and makes up what she lacks in stature with a slender, very sylphlike body that is flexible and nimble. Her silky coat is chestnut ornamented with a simply unique striation pattern of ebony ribbons and flossy white underbelly and limbs; the black strands condense to less flashy, motley markings on her forehead and cheeks. Wide, curious hazel orbs with pinpoint circular pupils prelude an astonishing and affable gaze, seldom a malignant glare escaping her flecked eyes.

No mate
No crush
No secrets to tell
Sister~ Empress Vitani


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