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Knox Dhakir—the Count

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Knox Dhakir—the Count Empty Knox Dhakir—the Count

Post by Knox Dhakir on Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:20 am

Knox Dhakir
"Knox” or “Dhakir”

Knox Dhakir—the Count Untitl10

2½ years
Panthera onca

Cognitive Benefits & Defects
Lowkey  ||Analytical || Dexterous
Ornery || Sheepish || Pessimistic

Corporeal Benefits & Defects
Robust || Potent bite || Coloration
Crooked-tailed ||Poor balance || Clumsy

Semblance and Mannerisms
 Stockier in comparison to the limited brute of  the Empire, Knox Dhakir’s lesser stature proportions are rectified by significant volume imposed from dense, compact musculature  that is evident of the evolutionary pressures of his near threatened species, that is further characterized by bulky,  stalwart limbs that improve his primitive  ascension competence  while a lithesome spine sanctions easy maneuverability throughout the thick canopies. Another significant prominence withheld by Knox is his immense cranium, facilitated by a capacious jawline of taut sinew and a suave visage that is embellished by reconnoitring oculars of astounding platinum pigment. His coloration is domineered by excessive melanin which encompasses his well-conditioned pelage to a ravishing obsidian, however trademark rosetting is apparent with thorough scrutiny and mainly comprised along  his flanks. His svelte spinal appendage exhibits a distinguishable disfiguration  toward its midpoint when broken vertebrae were left uncorrected from an earlier instance in his life when his matriarch unintentionally stepped onto it.

   Introverted qualities make Knox susceptible to general preferences of solitude than  more  gregarious felines; Although, it’s unlikely he’d ostensibly  seek  the company of anything really, he wouldn’t rebuff any offers that are presented to him, mainly favoring the companionship of a single individual and almost always  deviating from large  entourages. Knox is notably amicable, but usually  emanates the  lowkey vibes of indistinct annoyance toward almost everything, while a  vaguely pissed off expression persists on his rather attractive and distingué visage. Less of a charmer than some, he isn’t proficient with his wording, yet upon speaking it’s almost inevitable that the young male becomes sheepish, normally limiting himself  to  simple physical gestures. Somewhat philosophical, Knox experiences the circadian tendency to overthink infinitesimal details which compels him to frequently become paranoid and anxious, increasing the probability of his more ornery and petulant disposition coming forth and evoking tension within the atmosphere.

Analogical Relations
Kinship: Nadia Simha (sister)
Not committed to any female
Not courting any female
No progeny

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Knox Dhakir
Knox Dhakir

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Knox Dhakir—the Count Empty Re: Knox Dhakir—the Count

Post by Knox Dhakir on Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:25 am

This is my secondary character. I will still be roleplaying Tevik too. So, chill fam.
Knox Dhakir
Knox Dhakir

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