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Tevik—the Cannibal

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Tevik—the Cannibal Empty Tevik—the Cannibal

Post by Tevik on Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:34 pm

T e v i k

5 years old
Unknown Species
The Predator; Cannibal

|[ Psychological Advantages || Disadvantages ]|
Intuitive, Pedantic, Tactful || Vengeful, Severe, Merciless
|[ Physical Advantages || Disadvantages ]|
Intensity, Strength, Potency || Brief Speed, Less Agile, Lethargic

|[ Illustration ]||
The unbelievably monumental conformation of this newly discovered feline’s gigantic dimensions are initially arduous to imagine and further bewildering to comprehend upon anything daring enough to witness him, nearly exceeding 950lb comprised primarily of indomitable sinew obtained from his primitive ancestors, only further enhanced to the most intimidating degree over evolutionary millennium. Estimated almost 6.3ft marginal to his hulking shoulders and 5.5ft in length, the proportions of Tevik’s chassis are monstrous, which excludes the male’s neck and humongous cranium. Colossal jaws are facilitated magnificently with elephantine tusks, elongated upper canines having developed into foot-long sabers protected behind lax flanges, while an unhinging jaw and concrete muscle knotting his nape produce a catastrophic bite.

Tevik’s leviathan scaffolding exhibits an idiosyncratic roquelaure marred in brazen tenebrous tribal markings that scheme labyrinthine contours, a unique cynosure. Beneath the bold inking, his primary pigmentation is a diluted aureate with lightened facial features and underbelly. A bobbed tail distinguishes him from diverse felines, mottled with obsidian and tipped; another eccentric trait Tevik flourishes are deep-set, audacious battleship-grey lamps. A myriad of disparate scars adorn his anatomical structure, evermore prevalent around his visage and brawny haunches, profound punctures and spacious lacerations ingrained from years of exploitation. Despite this, Tevik is a remarkably attractive feline whose unparalleled image is magnetically intriguing.

|[ Disposition ]||
N u m b… The entirety of this monstrosity is seized by the jurisdiction of being emotionally dazed, absolute indifference establishing the preeminence of apathetic detachment that has deadened an ethical conscience that could, possibly, retrogress the male from this prevailing sensation of inertia. Perhaps, the rationale for his abhorrent inclination to execute abominable crimes aligned with torture and homicide is that they reward an asphyxiating sensation of elation, publishing him to consistently practice the sin of masochism. Implausibly sadistic, Tevik is extraordinarily  violent and experiences barbaric transitions of sentiment deemed responsible by his bipolar disorder, his apex hypomania being rampaging tantrums and where he’s undoubtedly the most perilous, yet this frigid entity’s strategic tactics are valuable to his skyrocketing success in his homicidal endeavors. During instances of limited stimulation, Tevik reposes into a solemn, extremely placid individual whose stone-cold presence forebodes inevitable devastation.

|[ Analogy ]||
No female captured his eye
Mate: Bonded to no female
Familial bonds are broken

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