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Post by Armani on Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:36 pm


3 years old

Armani grew up in the southern part of Asia. The fascinating feline was one of the three survivors of his family of eight. His sister Saint and brother Clive and himself began to live together on their own till the age of two. Throughout his years of overcoming loners, disasters, and fires, Armani became a very valiant and intense feline.  As he roamed the unknown for a year after the tectonic plates united all the land on Earth, the steady male came upon a united grouping of a variety of cats, and soon became the protecter of them all.

~Psychological Attributes~
Strong-willed, honest, kind-hearted to his loved ones, bold, flirtatious, patient

~Physical Appearance~
eyes---Yellow with flecks of orange and green
Coat---Strawberry redish, yellow; fading stripes on neck and throughout body, dark brown stripes throughout face
Size--- 42in (3 and a half feet) at shoulder
Weight--- 600 lbs

Markings/wounds--- scar over nose, scar running down left hip, and a little tear on the right ear

Deadly size, fatal biting force, muscular structure, larger than an average tiger

~Other Information~
Crush--- nope XD
Mate--- nope
Secrets--- they are secrets for reason


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