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Bryrk Covert

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Bryrk Covert Empty Bryrk Covert

Post by Tsura on Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:02 pm

Masked by abound verdigris and thick, flourishing foliage, the Covert is exceptionally wealthy in camouflaging but, the intricately woven branches and vines make these hunting grounds best maneuvered by the more sure-footed cats.

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Bryrk Covert Empty Re: Bryrk Covert

Post by Knox Dhakir on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:33 pm

Gloaming twilight dissolved the shadow-stained silhouette of an apex predator within the eclipsed environment, the milky moonlight barely managing to filter through the abound umbrage to highlight the revenant feline’s sleek ubieties. The carnivore sought to practice his predatory prowess within the more difficult territories of the Cibyra Province, his taut musculature restricting his locomotion to something less than a collected prowl and lissome spine improving the fluidity of his maneuverability. Astounding platinum oculars pinpointed a minuscule residences of wapiti, the group of ungulate totally oblivious to the stalking feline perambulating silently through the knotted vines and sprawling branches of the chaparral. Everything was eerily statuesque for several moments, until the subdued quiver of his cropped tail and shift of posterior indicated the male’s imminent acceleration. Like a well-oiled spring, Knox careened nimbly off his crouched limbs over the final obstacle of collapsed timber and pursued the now frantically scattered deer, immediately targeting a young adult and launching himself after it speedily. The brief pursuit yielded a successful pursuance; Knox’s undoubted prowess in hunting once-again proved itself. He delivered a lethal bite through the animal’s tough cranium and punctured its occipital lobe, a killing technique that’s unique to his species. The jaguar imposed his muscular curvature and shoulders to haul the limp wapiti across Bryrk with the intentions to cache the substantial carcass in Yrs Subterrane for the Empire’s felines to consume what’s deemed necessary to satiate their hunger.
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